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Double standards between genders – Part II

Through a mélange of double standards, two of the most interesting categories where women are treated differently, mostly relating to their sexual behavior as well as their own physiology, are added on the list.

What lies beneath trauma…

As it has repeatedly been said, the trauma makes no distinctions between gender, age, ethnicity and sexual orientation. That means, the trauma situation does not exclude anyone but it can traumatize everyone.

Female Competition: Causes and over-promotion.

Relationships between women are not only projected as competitive, but also as hostile, resulting in the prevailing perception that they themselves are developing superficial friendships with each other, which are primarily characterized by envy and jealousy. Is this projection related to reality and to what extent?

The real matriarchy.

Living in a by definition patriarchal society, the concept of matriarchy is unknown in everyday life but not non-existent.