Indicative scientific “arsenal” in favour of homoparentality

The Greek Minister of Justice stated that “children who are raised with the presence of parents of both sexes, do not face a lot or several psychological problems.”

Is the “Karen” meme a masked form of sexism?

“I call you woman because you’re a captive”

Why You Should Care about Roe v. Wade or Trump’s Unimpeachable Legacy.

With abortion rights in the USA being under attack, attention should be drawn to the landmark case of Roe v. Wade and its importance.

Our Bodies, Our Choices, Our Voices.

It is common and, at some point justifiable, for all people to refrain from opening up in real life. Why you may ask. Maybe it’s because of the societal norms that we have internalized and these norms, by extent, dictate that some issues should be tabooed.