Indicative scientific arsenal in favour of homoparentality


The Greek Minister of Justice on a TV show stated that “all the scientific researches lead to the fact that children who are raised with the presence of parents of both sexes, are the ones who adapt very easily to a difficult social reality, who do not face a lot or several psychological problems and who can easily deal with life struggles.”

This statement criticizes not only the parenthood right of homosexual couples but also every type of parenthood, which includes the presence of “both sexes, both parents”. Examples are children of single-parent families, children who grow up with the presence of one out of two parents or children whose parents are their grandmothers or grandfathers.

An article by the American Academy of Pediatrics includes a plethora of references to several studies, aiming at emphasizing on the criteria of the child’s happiness and comparing the heterosexual with the homosexual parents. There it is proven that the relationship between the parents and the child and the feeling of security that it brings as well as the financial certainty are some of the factors affecting the child’s development. On the contrary, sex and sexual orientation are not included in these factors.

The same is also being highlighted by 55 psychology scholars from Greece and abroad regarding the adoption and foster care of minors. They specifically state that parental homosexuality does not affect the proper development of the child, which is influenced by three factors: the quality of the parent-child relationship, the quality of the important adult relationships in the life of the child or adolescent and the available financial or other resources in the child’s or adolescent’s life.

In the article 4 of the revised European Convention on the Adoption of Children, the competent authority shall pay particular attention to the importance of the adoption providing the child with a stable and harmonious home.

In the article 7 par.2 of the same Convention it is expressly stated that this right can be extended to same sex couples as well.

In addition, taking into account that the child’s best interests should be the primary consideration in decisions regarding the parental responsibility for, or guardianship of a child, member states should ensure that such decisions are taken without discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, according to the number 26 of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2010) of the Committee of Ministers.

The use of scientific arguments for the justification of homophobic views is no longer protecting the person who is expressing them. The legal framework protecting LGBTQI+ families is becoming more and more robust. At the same time, LGBTQI+ people are becoming more tolerant towards such views.

Written by Despina Natsi

Lawyer | Researcher

Translated by Dimitris Nikolaidis

Source: D. Natsi, T. Papa, I Nomothetiki Antimetopisi ton emfylon diakriseon stin Ellada, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Thessaloniki, May, 2019, p. 54., Available: