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“Normes” (greek for “norms”) is an independent non-profit and non-partisan project, started by a group of students. Its mission is to provide information and answers about social issues, as well as to react to social phenomena such as inequality, racism and discriminations based on sex, sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity.
Our goal is to always welcome new members aboard, continuously work on our self-development as individuals and as a total and to provide free access to information about sex and sexuality. The main objective of our team is to have a positive effect on aspects of the political and social life.
The first step towards this goal has been the creation of an online platform named “”, which has been accessible to the public since 10 December 2020. This date has not been chosen randomly as it is associated with the establishment of the UN, and the end of the Orange the World Campaign 72 years later, a 16 day activism campaign that has highlighted the need for equality. The need for equality is consistent with the requirement of modern feminism which is the right to self-defined gender identity and sexual orientation in order for everyone to live free from racism, sexism, fear, violence and discrimination.
The content of our website derives from the social, cultural and political life, it is up-to-date and promotes social action relevant to the current social issues. Furthermore, it includes recommendations for books and movies, as well as for interviews, personal stories and videos concerning such issues.
Our members are free to express themselves through their articles which are based on respect for every human being in order to break gender stereotypes.
Therefore, we encourage you to join our team and contribute to its action whether as a reader, or as an active member of the team.
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Σε αυτό το εγχείρημα , τον πρώτο λόγο θα έχουν όσα άτομα θέλουν να εκφραστούν διαρρηγνύοντας τη σιωπή των έμφυλων στερεοτύπων με σεβασμό στον άνθρωπο και την αξία του.
Για αυτό και σε καλούμε να συνεισφέρεις στη δράση μας είτε ως αναγνώστης, είτε ως ενεργό μέλος της ομάδας μας.